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Sorry, we're not accepting new trades right now


1. If this sign up form is disabled: Contact me on icq for setting up a trade.

2. If this sign up form is enabled: Trades are disabled by default. (dont worry, i review several times a day.)


- Fill out your contact info (ICQ, email). no valid icq and a valid email = NO TRADE
- No Bullshit please
- No Pop-ups / exit consoles
- No Dialers or redirects for any country
- No autoinstallers, No Autobookmarks
- No exploits, No trojans, No viruses
- No Video Codec Installs
- No ActiveX, NO Ch1ldP0rn / NO Animal
- No encoded links like http://www.domain.com/rotator/script.php?url=aHRa00cDovL3HRd3dy5ovL3d3w
- At least 50% to content
- Max thumbsize (width 200x height 150)
- Trades with a low production wil be deleted without notice
- Important: You start the trade so force some hits to start the trade.
- Minimum trade 200 p/d
- if your production is good, the return will be +200%
- You must have a visible toplist on your site.

If you don't like the rules? Don't Sign up!!!

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